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'Wings of Hope' Accepted into FWOC Global June Storytelling Month
Wings of Hope

Published on June 9, 2022

Female Wave of Change


So honoured Female Wave of Change Global is featuring my story.

Our 4th story for Storytelling month is from Susan E Isaac from Canada. See how her creations bring positive vibes across the globe. #wavemaker #storytelling #hope

Stay tuned for the eBook of stories from around the world. I love being a member of FWOC. Members and non-members can listen to monthly webinars: sharing expertise navigating change and the new leadership paradigm. Female Wave of Change Canada - FWOC Canada.

A story by Susan Isaac, Wavemaker, FWOC Canada.

I create glass pendants using the butterfly as a symbol of transformation, emotions as collections, named mindfully by others, meant to uplift others. 'Slender Midst' from Hope Collection, arrives in Lithuania to uplift university president as she leads community during this very difficult time.

What triggered you to get started on this adventure?

I had corporate burnout. Completely hollowed out, I returned to my glass studio, fell to my knees and asked Pele, Goddess of Fire, to help me find my lost wild woman. She asked if I was willing to bleed from my soul, not just my fingertips. I said, 'hell yes' and butterflies appeared. Since then, I create glass butterfly wing-shaped pendants representing transformation, a way to celebrate oneself and uplift others. But how to create one-of-a-kind butterfly wing designs, truly my voice? And create smaller pendants, accessories, like scarves, with butterfly meaning, so there is something for everyone. Finding my voice became my mission.

More than a decade away from my studio I felt scared, lost, but the vision of my wild woman and butterflies emboldened me. After all I wasn't embarking on this project alone, Pele was with me, as demanding as she was. I felt empowered, then deflated, flip-flopping emotions daily.

Self doubt all the way. Did I have the skill technically and artistically? Could my true voice be in every glass design?

Who was supporting / cheering / mentoring you?

My dear husband/mentor guided my technical skills, pushed me to own my artistic style and never compare myself to others. My close circle of friends who held my feet to the fire if I strayed from my vision. My Facebook supporters who cheered me on offering meaningful names for each pendant. The perfect name always appeared. Like the name, 'Slender Midst', not 'Slender Mist, a pendant from my hope collection, destined to be worn by a woman caring for many during the war in Ukraine. Perhaps a 'slender midst' of hope? I love including others in my creative process.

What was the biggest challenge?

I got in my own way many times, doubting my talents and technical skills. The minute I started creating to please someone, didn't listen to my inner voice and the voice of Pele, Goddess of Fire, I couldn't design. I actually had to leave the studio and not return until I was ready to slow down my breathing, humbly 'listen' and agree to bleed again from my fingertips and allow my soul to feel raw and exposed. I HAD to lean into overwhelming discomfort, surrender preconceived results. Pele, was right, I needed to bleed from my soul as well as my fingertips.

Many times, I wanted to run away from all the challenging moving parts of creating unique designs using my own voice, trusting my inner knowing. Many times I said, "I'm not an artist", others are, not me! I can't do this!" I left the studio crying, swearing I would never go back! Many times, I asked my husband to help choose the best colour, design lines because I didn't trust my judgement. He taught me basic design principles sometimes but mostly he told me to trust myself and go back to the studio, try again, and again.

I feI felt like an imposter, not good enough. I was frustrated and angry when I couldn't get the glass to cooperate. Pele just laughed and reminded, me during quiet moments, who was not cooperating.

I started to 'show up' often, surrendered, bled from my soul willingly. Listening to my inner voice became more automatic, natural. One day I quietly, surely knew I was an artist, no more pretending. My husband may have been happier than I was. My self doubt was exhausting for both of us.

Once I owned that I was an artist, I was able to create unique designs consistently that express my true voice and artistic style. My pieces started to resonate with others who want to celebrate their true voice. My dream of helping others honour their intuition, express their real self, was coming true. I could confidently encourage others to choose only when a one-of-a-kind design 'speaks to them'.

I believe staying true to oneself inspires others to do the same and the world becomes a little better.

What value did you create for others?

Example of value: I received this email from a client "A friend is president of Lithuania University. Many Ukraine students are homeless and must remain on campus. To encourage my friend, who leads school community efforts, I gifted her a 'Bits of Butterfly Bling' pendant, "Slender Midst", Hope Collection. I figured a symbol of Hope was especially appropriate. I mailed before Easter, didn't arrive until early May. The timing was good; school just had Graduation Ceremonies and it was her birthday first week of May. Yay! Thankyou Susan for making such inspirational and beautiful pieces I can afford to gift!"

How are you integrating the learning in your day-to-day life?

I am inspired to find more ways to share my one-of-kind glass designs, from glass jewelry to scarves, home décor so there is something for everyone, every pocket-book. This way, many more can express their unique voice or gift in a very personal, meaningful way.

I am seeking professional help from Deb Alcadinho, owner of https:// to deepen the expression of my beliefs and vision throughout my business and expand impact.

Creating symbols of transformation, wings of hope, throughout the years, has generated many stories. Adding 'Slender Midst' as a story about friendship, a symbol of hope during difficult times, is a compelling personal reminder to stay true to my vision, create from my heart and trust my art and reason for creating, can impact lives.

It took me decades to find my voice. The peace and joy of proudly claiming my 'style' has made all the difference in my life. I can now use my talents in glass design to help others proudly express their voice so they can see the difference this makes in their lives. I believe, when a person has confidence expressing their true self, they inspire others to follow.

To me true peace in the world comes from the calm, deep honouring of oneself, fully expressed.

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