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Taken A Workshop Before? Do More! June 25 And Beyond
For 'Grads' COVID Safe Studio Workshops June to August - So Excited!

Hi there, since you are officially a 'Grad', meaning you took a workshop or worked in my studio before, I want to personally invite you to join us for COVID-Safe Studio Time June 25, July 25 or Aug 22. Especially excited to share my studio after being closed since November! This is a more open format than Beginner workshop. You can create the entire workshop with coaching as needed. 4-6 participants only using COVID-safe protocol; even the grinders are physically distanced!

Explore, create, and/or practice new techniques. The (studio time) world is your oyster, or an octopus or a turtle. Look forward to seeing what you create next.

Studio Time Workshops - Must Have Previous Experience: Beginner Workshop

Go deeper. Use the skills you learned during the Beginner workshop to create more. You bring the ideas. I'll hold the space.

Sun June 27 1-4 pm
Sun July 25 1-4 pm
Sun Aug 22 1-4 pm

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To register or questions email
Questions? Contact Susan Isaac or 250-642-4942
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