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Stand up Tall no Matter What Your Antlers Looks Like: Lesson for 2021 from Loppy Two.
Thoughts for 2021 inspired by Loppy Two: Two bucks returned in November after absent for two years. Both had injured their antlers sparring with older more experienced bucks when hormones started to surge. Their antlers were broken, bent in front of their faces. The second deer ended up with two injured antlers; Loppy Two. We had always wondered what Loppy Two's mature antlers would look like.

Not symmetrical at all but standing tall and true. Wondering if any of you have felt like Loppy Two this past year, a little injured and bent. Know that you too will stand tall and true and maybe not so symmetrical but happy to chew your cud and enjoy life. All the best of everything for 2021 and let hope and quiet gratitude prevail. Much appreciation for all of you.
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