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$20 Reduction on all Black Cord Necklace/Glass Pendants.
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Find something you love for those you love from an array of beautiful glassware designs!
Go shopping with model Karen Mason for 'You Can Fly' Butterfly Series pendants and earrings
In this era of uncertainty, I am especially excited to share my new Courage and Hope Collections on the new Isla Spotlight virtual marketplace. Tell me what you think of the new website and my new pendants. It took many supportive people, and lots of courage for me to create and display my new collections. There are enchanting stories for every pendant. 20% off for the month of December.

Visit Enjoy a 20% discount until December 31st. This discount also applies to the store on my own website which features products not available on Isla. Take a look
What's next? Strength, Passion, Joy and Play Collections because I need all of these traits right now and maybe other's do as well. It is the people you meet along the way that make the journey all worthwhile. We fly if we stay together.

Love to hear what you think of a talented videographer's way of showing you my art work. Go shopping with Karen Mason for 'You Can Fly' Butterfly Series pendants and earrings; symbols of transformation. Inspired by moments in life when women went in a different direction, found the courage to take the road less travelled, and want to celebrate. 20% off for the month of December.

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